lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

"30STM" So was the feeling ...

For many times I ask myself why, I'm sure my head does not provide enough of each other (so to speak) to explain the reason itself. No, I can not understand how hard I effort.
An alien force called "30 Seconds to Mars" has taken over my total and incredibly over the past week. When I start to follow a group, an actor, a singer or whatever, always, when time passes, I wonder how it all began and never remember. Probably because I did not ask this question soon enough and then remember or perhaps because it is so strong, contagious and apoderante my 100% what my eyes see or what they hear my ears that I focus on just that and not the when or why.
This time was different because learning from past mistakes and being or paying more attention to myself, my reactions and my feelings ... I can say where, why, who and what has he done that I can out of my head this group . For if ever I do not remember, I wish to record here that was in early May 2011 just a Web site called YouTube, while I smoked a cigarette and drank coffee with ice and Bayles to late night and, most importantly, watching a video clip whose name just got to 100 my vein curious. "CLOSER TO THE EDGE"
Something I forget and is, "How come there." That is, what brought me to see that title, why "30STM" and no other band ... simply I do not know.
It is also true that many years ago who had heard of them (back in 2nd of the ESO cours more or less), had heard a song (I think even "Closer to the Edge), who had seen the video clip (a few months ago MTV in the night at my mother) and, of course, knew too well who he was because Jared Leto was also seen several of his films.
But what I am is why this video clip viedo that night I cried without explaining the "why"? Why then throughout the night until 8 in the morning I went to class did not stop them listening to music and watch video clips? Why class when I felt the need to "30STM" on Google? Why until now I find myself writing this I have left to tell about them, Jared, symbols, curiosities, letters, video clips, biographies of the 3 components of the fans, the Echelon ? Why every time I read a sentence that "fills me" or identified in his songs, I tatuarmela? (A part of my tattoo obsession letters or quotations? Why my priority now is to go to Bilbao in July the 9th to see them in concert?
Just WHY? What the hell was that video clip to the wee hours of the morning, accompanied by a cigarette and a coffee Bayles has triggered all this? Why the fuck I was so impressed, it looked so familiar, I was surprised how much you can love an army of fans how Taraba Jared on them? I do not know and do not know. But I do know one thing, I do not care WHY AND WHAT, I'M HAPPY seeing and hearing. After admiring Jude Law I swore to myself that I would be the one and of course, the last known public figure and that he would dedicate part of my time and my money, but unintentionally so "unique "I have not met. Jude will be first, but I must admit that the "30STM" and in particular, Jared Leto, has taken over my "free time" this week.

I do not know exactly which derived all this. Knowing myself almost perfectly, do not think it's a fad or another, who knows.
What if you also know is that I understand these thousands and thousands of followers of "30STM" that have made some songs and three children in a kind of belief, a sort of "religion", a feeling beyond 4 lines and a melody, a different way of playing the music ...
I checked with my own eyes, my own ears that there is, as I said before, a strange force that takes hold of who enter and leave pensetrarse in his brain, heart, ears and soul that is called "30 Seconds To Mars" A strange force that takes over your mind all day, which makes you ask yourself even your entire life from beginning to end, that makes you think that music = "30STM", which lets you put another CD in your reprocuctor than one of them, which makes you read and reread the letters my times and stay in the clouds thinking and thinking about what you just read and listen.
If I were asked to define what it feels like a word, I would call "different" and if he did so with a phrase "force for the Soul"
Yesterday I read a sentence which read Jared said: "If you like my music, I love you" ... I would reply "I like your music, so I love you"

And from the moment I give "Publish Post" I know what I'm going to do long and short term. Keep watching videos, still hear his music, more to come, keep reading letters and ask God and the Devil together, that on July 9 as soon as possible to get them before me and to tell myself, "is real, and incredibly fucking real "

Thanks Jared, Tomo, Shannon ... just has been born one Echelond more on the planet that is 30 seconds from Mars.

-Patry (Spain)

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